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The Rubber Dental Dam

What is a Dental Dam?

Throughout your treatment at our office, we want to keep you comfortable and safe while providing the best possible care. During many of our procedures we use a rubber dam (aka dental dam) to help.

The rubber dam is a thin sheet that allows us to isolate the teeth we’re treating. By stretching the rubber shield over a U-shaped framework, only the teeth being treated are exposed to the water spray and filling materials (such as silver amalgam bits or resin particles). The rest stay safely under wraps.

Rubber dental dams protects oral tissues and reduces the spread of microorganisms. They prevents moisture contamination so the most advanced adhesives can be applied and restorations placed. Even the most delicate root canal techniques can be performed with precision.

Also, the old “rinse and spit” routine is eliminated because debris is kept out of your mouth. All you need to do is lean back and relax until your treatment is complete.

With a rubber dam, it’s a snap.

Throughout your treatment at our office, we want to keep you comfortable and safe while providing the best possible care.

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