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Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

Picture-perfect smiles almost never happen naturally. Most of us have cosmetic flaws like crooked teeth, uneven spacing, or other problems that detract from the way our smiles look. And in many of those cases, beautiful, durable porcelain veneers are a great solution, correcting those flaws so our smiles look attractive and healthy. In fact, veneers are used so commonly in cosmetic dentistry that it’s easy to think that’s their only function. But, actually, veneers can do a lot more than make your smile look great. In some cases, they can improve your oral health as well.

Repairing cracks and sealing spaces

Veneers are bonded to the surfaces of your teeth using super-strong dental adhesives. That makes them a great solution for repairing tiny cracks that can weaken your teeth and make them more prone to cavities and infections. Sometimes, these tiny cracks can be so small that you won’t even realize they’re there — until bacteria seep in and cause cavities and deep infections. When the veneer “seals over” those tiny cracks, it prevents bacteria from entering the tooth and infecting the deeper pulp portion, which means you can avoid the need for a root canal or a visible filling in the future. Plus, the veneer adds another layer of protection, strengthening teeth that are weakened by tiny cracks. Stronger teeth are far less likely to break or chip, which means your beautiful smile can be preserved — and you can prevent more serious damage down the road.

Cosmetically, veneers are also commonly used to fill in uneven spacing between teeth and to correct the appearance of crooked teeth. And again, for many patients, veneers do more than improve the way your smile looks. When your teeth are lined up and spaced evenly, it’s a lot easier to keep them clean with brushing and flossing. But when your teeth are crooked or unevenly spaced, they can have tiny crevices and nooks where stick plaque and tartar can form. Over time, decay- and disease-causing bacteria can start to collect in these areas, significantly increasing your risks for both cavities and gum disease. Not only does that mean you’ll need more fillings, but you can also be at risk for deep gum infections and even tooth loss in your future. Veneers “seal up” uneven spaces and gaps between teeth, making it a lot easier to brush and floss so plaque and bacteria are removed. Plus, veneers provide an impenetrable barrier, keeping bacteria from clinging to teeth surfaces in the first place. When bacteria and plaque are kept under control, your risks for cavities and gum disease are considerably lower, so you can enjoy years of better oral health.

Beyond oral health: Improve your self-confidence

Aside from oral health benefits, making your smile look great has emotional and psychological implications as well. When your smile looks its best, you tend to feel more confident in all sorts of situations, including at work and in your social life. And when you feel more confident, you tend to put your best foot forward, which means you’re more likely to take the steps you need to take to get ahead at work and to succeed socially, too. 

Plus, research shows having a beautiful, healthy-looking smile makes you look more accomplished and successful as well. Is it fair to make those judgments based on a person’s looks? Maybe not, but science says we do it all the time — it’s a built-in part of our nature. And that means it just makes sense to do all we can to improve the way we look — to ourselves and to others — so we feel and appear more confident and more attractive. Since veneers can address so many issues — including cosmetic flaws and other issues like cavities and bad breath — they’re a simple solution that can offer major benefits psychologically as well as physically. With veneers, you feel great about your appearance, so you exude greater confidence and self-assuredness; plus, other people see you as being more “pulled together” and on top of your game.

Learn how veneers can help you

Porcelain veneers are beautiful, sure, but they’re also strong and durable — and that means they can offer benefits far beyond good looks. With veneers, your smile can look its best — and you could enjoy better oral health for years to come! To find out more about the veneer process at The Dental Touch, book an appointment online today.

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