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How Zoom!® Works to Whiten Your Teeth

How Zoom!® Works to Whiten Your Teeth

If your smile has lost its luster, it’s time to explore professional whitening treatments. Unlike over-the-counter options you can find at the drugstore, dental systems like Zoom! offer safe, reliable, and even instantaneous results.

Our skilled dentists at The Dental Touch in Oakland, California, rely on Philips Zoom! in-office and at-home treatments to ensure brighter and whiter smiles. If you have yellow or discolored teeth, here’s how Zoom! can help.

Why professional whitening

It’s tempting to skip a trip to the dentist and grab an over-the-counter bleaching solution instead. However, professional teeth whitening offers safer solutions, and they come with up to 43% more peroxide.

Before getting started, our team performs an exam to determine if teeth whitening is right for you. That’s because not all forms of tooth discoloration respond to professional whitening. For example, bleaching doesn’t help with teeth that change color because of trauma, medication exposure, or too much fluoride. However, our team can provide other cosmetic dentistry solutions in these cases, like veneers.

After ensuring your teeth are healthy and you’re good candidate for professional whitening, we work closely with you to determine the perfect level of whitening to guarantee you get the brighter smile you crave. 

Finally, we discuss your overall goals to determine if Zoom! in-office or take-home treatments offer the best solutions.

How Zoom! in-office treatments work

This teeth whitening solution can whiten your smile up to eight shades in fewer than 45 minutes.

During your appointment, we put a protective rubber dam over your lips and gum tissue. Then, we fill a tightly fitting retainer with Zoom!’s whitening agent and fit it over your teeth. This solution uses special bleaching agents designed to break down the pigments causing your tooth discoloration.

What sets in-office treatments apart from at-home whitening systems is the Zoom! Advanced Power Chairside Lamp. This special light accelerates the bleaching process and activates the hydrogen peroxide whitening solution. As the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, the oxygen penetrates your tooth enamel to bleach stains deep inside your tooth.

This approach provides dramatic results, and it only takes one visit.

How Zoom! take-home treatments work

You can also get the same reliable results with Zoom!’s take-home whitening kits. However, instead of a single dental appointment, this approach can take a couple of weeks.

Zoom!’s take-home uses customized bleaching trays that perfectly fit your teeth and gumline and come in two options.

Philips Zoom! DayWhite

This whitening option comes in various strengths, and you wear your bleaching trays for 30-90 minutes each day

Philips Zoom! NiteWhite

Want to get whiter teeth while you sleep? This is the option for you! The NiteWhite whitening solution comes in different strengths and involves wearing your bleaching trays for 2 to 4 hours or overnight.

Both Zoom! take-home professional whitening treatments provide results within two weeks.

Ready to see if professional Zoom! whitening is right for you? Contact The Dental Touch to schedule a consultation by calling 510-324-9096 or booking online today.

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