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How to Extend the Results of Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

White teeth look great, and they make you feel more confident, too. If you’re having your teeth professionally whitened, here’s how you can make sure those beautiful results last as long as possible.

Prepare your teeth properly

The first hint for helping your whitening results last happens before your treatment even takes place. Zoom teeth whitening is extremely effective, but you can make sure you get the best possible results by having your teeth professionally cleaned first. A professional cleaning will remove any plaque or hard tartar that might prevent the whitening solution from fully penetrating your tooth surfaces. Having a professional cleaning prior to your whitening treatment also helps ensure your results are consistent, with superior whitening even in hard-to-reach spots.

Avoid the foods that cause stains

A lot of tooth stains are caused by the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. Many of these products have natural pigments that can stain. Red wine, coffee and dark berries are all good examples of foods with natural pigments that can cause stains. Spices like turmeric, although delicious, can also cause stains on your teeth. Other foods and beverages have artificial colors that can discolor your teeth. What’s more, foods with high acid content, like citrus fruits and juices and sodas, can temporarily soften your tooth enamel, making it easier for stains to penetrate. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should avoid all citrus fruits and juices; just rinse after eating them or avoid eating anything that might stain right after consuming a product that contains a lot of acids.

Don’t use tobacco products

When it comes to yellow and brown stains and overall dinginess, tobacco products are a major culprit. That includes cigarettes, cigars and pipes, as well as chewing tobacco. In fact, any product that produces smoke that you inhale has the potential of causing stains. Vaping fluids that contain colorings can also stain, and the nicotine these products contain can decrease saliva production, making it harder for your saliva to wash away other staining pigments.

Rinse after eating and drinking

You can’t always brush after eating (and it’s a good idea to wait about a half hour after meals before brushing anyway), but you almost always can rinse, even if it means a quick trip to the restroom. Carrying a water bottle with you makes it easy to swish quickly to help rid your mouth of staining pigments. Chewing sugar-free gum can also help by removing staining pigments from your tooth surfaces and also by promoting the production of saliva, which can help wash away pigments.

Practice good oral hygiene

Rinsing after meals is a good habit no matter what and so is regular brushing and flossing. Use a soft brush and a whitening toothpaste that also contains fluoride; then use your brush to carefully clean each tooth surface. Floss the right way, curving the floss against the tooth surface to remove stuck-on plaque. You can also add a whitening rinse but be sure to choose an alcohol-free version, so it doesn’t cause your mouth to become dry.

Keep those cleaning appointments

Professional cleanings are important before whitening, and they’re also important to help maintain the results of your treatment. During your cleaning, your hygienist will use special tools and gentle abrasives to carefully remove tartar and plaque that can leave your teeth looking dingy. Polishing tools help keep your teeth looking clean, healthy and white.

Use take-home kits

Zoom offers a great in-office whitening system, and they also make very effective take-home whitening kits. After your professional whitening treatment in our office, you can use the Zoom take-home kits to keep your results looking great in between treatments.

Professional teeth whitening is popular with both men and women of all ages, and for good reason: After just a single one-hour office visit, your teeth can be dramatically whiter, brighter and more beautiful. To learn more about the Zoom whitening treatments we offer at The Dental Touch, book an appointment online today.

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