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Am I a Candidate for Veneers?

If you have dental imperfections making you self-conscious about your smile, veneers could answer all of your problems. Veneers work by bonding a thin shell made of porcelain or resin composite to the front of your tooth. This approach conceals dental issues and enhances your tooth's appearance.   

At The Dental Touch in Oakland, California, our team loves how this minimally invasive technique can address a wide range of problems and even strengthen weakened or damaged teeth. Here are a few reasons they could be right for you too.

You have dental flaws

Veneers provide flexible solutions for numerous dental problems, including:

That's because we create each custom-made veneer based on your unique needs. Whether you want to correct a single tooth or several, veneers come in a broad range of shades and sizes, so we can match your existing teeth or improve your entire smile.

You want results, fast

No one wants to wait, especially when you have embarrassing dental issues. And, when you choose veneers, you can usually have a dazzling, new smile within two simple office visits.

During your first appointment, our team evaluates your teeth and discusses your overall goals. Then, we prepare your tooth for the veneer by removing a small amount of enamel from its surface — the approximate thickness of a contact lens. This step ensures a proper fit with no added bulk. Then, we take a mold of the area to fabricate your custom-made veneer.

When your new veneer arrives from the dental lab, you return to our office for placement. This visit involves a thorough cleaning, final tooth prep, and bonding the veneer permanently in place with special dental cement, hardened into place with ultraviolet light.  

Then you can head home with your new and improved smile!

You want easy-care options

The process of getting veneers isn’t the only thing that’s simple; they also provide low-maintenance solutions with several advantages.

Veneers resist staining better than your natural teeth, and they look great without the need for more invasive dental work. Plus, veneers add an additional layer of protection stronger than your existing enamel. 

But the best part? You can expect your new veneer to last up to 15 years as long as you brush twice a day, floss daily, and schedule professional dental cleanings — the same way you care for your natural teeth!

Don’t wait to transform your smile. Contact The Dental Touch in Oakland by calling 510-324-9096 or schedule a consultation online today.

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