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While nothing beats Mother Nature when it comes to your teeth, dental implants come very close in both form and function. At The Dental Touch, the team of experts provides dental implants and dental implant restoration to patients in Oakland, California, that provide superior stability that lasts a lifetime. To learn more, call the office or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.

Dental Implants and Dental Implant Restoration Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a great solution for missing teeth because they mimic your natural teeth, right down to the roots. When you lose a tooth, it’s much more than a simple cosmetic concern. The loss can lead to bone loss in your jawbone where your tooth once was, which has a cascading effect on your entire line of teeth as they shift out of place.

With dental implants, your oral expert at The Dental Touch places a titanium post into your jawbone, and the bone tissue grows up around the post, fusing it into place. Above your gum line, your dentist places a crown that fits in seamlessly with your existing teeth. For all intents and purposes, a dental implant is very much like your real tooth in that it’s anchored in your jawbone for maximum stability.

How can dental implants help with dentures?

If you need dentures, but you’re running into problems with stability, The Dental Touch offers the cutting-edge All-on-6™ or All-on-4™ techniques, which tap the amazing stability of dental implants for your dentures. With this method, your dentist fits you with four or six strategically placed dental implants, that are set into your jawbone using computer guidance for maximum stability. The computer allows your dentist to pick areas where your bone is strongest, which means you don’t have to undergo bone grafts. Once the four or six implants are set, your dentures will be firmly anchored, preventing the slipping and irritation loose dentures can cause.

What are the advantages of the All-on-6™ and All-on-4™ techniques?

The primary advantage of using dental implants to anchor your dentures is that your bone grows up around the implants to promote long-term stability of your device. As well, these techniques offer:

  • Very short recovery time
  • No bone grafting
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Reduction of further bone loss

One of the best advantages of these systems is that your dentist can provide you with temporary teeth in as little as one visit and permanent teeth within three to six months, as your implants become a natural part of your jawbone.

For more information on dental implants and dental implant restoration, call The Dental Touch or use the online scheduling tool to request a consultation.