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"Knowledgeable, thorough, professional, meticulous."

- Richard B.           


"I am working on changing my insurance to one accepted at The Dental Touch. I am pleased with my complete experience."

- Lillian F.           


"Professional from check-in to check-out. Clean, clean. Did I say clean?"

- Ifadunke O.           


"Very comfortable in the office. Dr Pratt explained in detail what my process would entail. Look forward to coming back for my many visits."

- Janet A.           


"The Dental Touch offices are exceptionally clean and well organized, bright, and cheerful. I was met with smiles. Aracelli actually greeted me by name as I came in the door which was such a nice touch - though we just met, she made me feel seen and known which helps when you’re in such a vulnerable, painful state. She then made me feel that I wasn’t alone in this financially (which was the reason it took me so long to come back for my dental work), and assured me that I would have no surprises. So good.

My dental tech, Vinh, who prepared me was warm, quick, and listened with her eyes even as she worked - a quality you can’t teach I think, without it coming off as disingenuous. She was as caring as she was professional. My room had a beautiful Zen quality, and overlooked a well-kept garden complete with a gurgling waterfall that I preferred looking at over the television that my tech kindly offered me. What little wait time I had was pleasant, in part because of Vinh.

Dr. Pratt knew I was in trouble, and I saw the gravity in his face as we sifted through my situation. He made me clear about my options with plain english - a relief when your brain is focused on your pain. I knew there would be pain, but there was something in his kind confidence that made me feel that I’d be okay. The procedure was difficult for me, but I found myself actually relaxing between painful episodes because each deft move that brought pain had a brand that seemed to say “I’ve been down this road and I’ve GOT you”. It was like a competent pilot in turbulence - you know you’re going to hit it, but you know who’s got the wheel. We were even joking by the end of the episode - something I NEVER do at a dentist. That’s what happens when you’re in good hands.

So from the grace given by Rob over the phone making room for me though I was late, to the follow up call I got this morning from Aracelli, I think this may have been the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist. Thank you all for taking care of me."

- David S.           


"Great team, professional, very friendly."

- Daniel S.           


"I hate going to the dentist but Dr. Prat and his whole staff make it a comfortable environment especially at a time of dental need. Dr.Prat is easy going he does not rush you or make you feel uncomfortable. Also the staff are awesome Araceli Ron and the rest of the staff helped me to feel at ease and I feel I am a difficult patient. Here’s one of the best things about that place they are lgbt friendly and I support the lgbt community to the fullest. I highly recommend Dental touch I even switched my sons dentist to Dental touch that’s how certain I feel about Mr. Prat and his whole entire staff have a rad day."

- Michelle S.           


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