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Financial Policies


Financial Policies

Financial concerns shouldn’t be a barrier between you and the dentistry you desire. Our office works with many companies to find just the right financing for your needs at the lowest costs available. We even have plans with 0% finance charges and 0% interest. Talk to our staff and see how we can make the Smile of your dreams into the reality of your life. We know we can give you something to Smile about. We also accept CareCredit and Citi Health Card, so rest knowing you have options available to you.

How Your Dental Costs Can Save Taxes

Now is the time to consider adjusting your cafeteria plan benefits for next year. By taking advantage of this pre-tax benefit, you can lower your dental and orthodontic costs by over 40%. If your employer offers a cafeteria plan ( if not, suggest one be started-more on that later ), you can decide to have part of your salary re-directed to pay for out-of-pocket /dental costs. This allows you to save Federal and State income taxes which can mean big savings. For example, at a 31% Federal tax bracket and a 9.3% State tax bracket, you save over 40%. But that’s not all. You may also save on your FICA tax-another 7.65%, for a total of nearly 48%.

No company Cafeteria Plan? Not to worry, you can create your own HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT. HSA’s are tax free savings accounts you can start on your own and they allow you to save tax free; similar to an IRA account but you can withdraw funds for Dental, and Optical needs. HSA are set up in conjunction with a high deductible Medical plans. These work together to decrease insurance cost. The best part is the funds do not expire, there is no ‘Use it or Lose it’ requirements as many Cafeteria Plans have. Therefore, your money can grow tax free until you really need it. Most banks offer HSA’s, check with yours.

You need to use your dental benefits or lose them

Most dental insurance companies have a yearly maximum that are paid out only in the year they are offered. These benefits will be lost on January 1 when your Yearly Benefit Maximum renews and does not carry over to the next year. Dental insurance companies that have such yearly maximums work on a ” Use it or Lose it ” principle. Therefore any unused benefits of this year are lost if not used in that same year. Also, if you can finish your dental work this year, you may avoid paying another deductible for the coming year.

Give The Gift Of A Beautiful Smile

You can give the gift of a beautiful smile to someone you care about by giving gift certificates toward their dental care. These great gift certificates are available in $25.00 denominations. If you have a loved one with a slight blemish in their smile or a friend who has been putting off necessary treatment, this can be a delightful way to show you care and brighten their smile. The gift of a beautiful smile enriches those who receive it, without impoverishing those who give it. Consider giving a beautiful smile to the ones you care about and make a difference in their lives!


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