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Bone Loss Occurs Immediately After Tooth Loss

Bone loss in the jaw bone is common when one or more teeth have been lost due to injury, decay, or trauma. Without the tooth in place to stimulate the jaw bone, the bone around the missing tooth will begin to deteriorate.

Restore Your Facial Appearance Now!

It is common to experience bone loss around the teeth as a result of progressive disease, infection or trauma. However, bone loss can limit our ability to restore your smile using methods like dental implants or implant supported dentures.

We offer bone augmentation and bone grafting procedures to replace lost bone. Bone grafting can also restore the proper facial contours where bone is missing in the font of the mouth.

Bone Grafting in Oakland, CA

Bone loss may occur due to disease, infection, or trauma. The jaw bone requires constant stimulation in order to retain its stability. When teeth are missing and are not replaced by a dental implant, the bone naturally recedes. Dr. Dennis Prat offers patients information on and treatment for bone loss and tooth replacement with dental implants in Oakland, CA.

Severe bone loss has a dramatic effect on your appearance, changing the structure of your face. One can avoid bone loss by replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant, which provides the jaw bone with the necessary stimulation. Dental implants become a less viable option, however, once bone loss has become too significant. When this happens, bone grafts are necessary to restore your facial structure and to provide a necessary anchor for dental implants.

Dental Bone Graft in Oakland, CA

Three kinds of bone grafts are commonly performed. Autogenous grafts take a small section of living bone from another area of the patient’s body and attach it to the affected area with titanium screws. Anesthesia is applied to both the extraction site (usually the chin) and the implant site. Both sites are closed with stitches, and a soft diet is required for a small amount of time after surgery. A dental implant can usually be placed after six to nine months. Allograft and xenograft procedures differ from the autogenous grafting procedure in that they do not use the patient’s own bone. These procedures take donated human bone or bone from another species (usually from cows) and affix the donor bone to the required area. Allografts and xenografts have the advantage of not requiring a separate surgical site.

If you are experiencing bone loss or missing teeth and would like more information about receiving a dental bone graft in Oakland, CA, we can help. Contact Dr. Prat’s office today to schedule your consultation.

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